Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Add Ink #58

It's the end of an era and the beginning of another one at Just Add Ink.
This weeks challenge is to CASE the amazing Danielle Daws and Amanda Reddicliffe to showcase some of their wonderful work.
I chose this cute little card from Danielle's blog - you can see hers here.

A big thank you to Danielle and Amanda for the past year or more and all they have done for Just Add Ink. It's been a real treat to work with you and I truly hope to continue being friends!


  1. This is really cute, Danielle will love it!

  2. I love your CASE! That owl is so cute! And thankyou for your kind words - it was definitely our pleasure. I'll be watching your blog! Gosh, that sounds a bit menacing, doesn't it?? I mean it in a nice way! ;-)

  3. You did a great job Tania - a fabulous CASE of a fabulous card!!Love that Crumb Cake background for the owl - makes me just imagine her? peeking out of her tree :)

  4. This one was in my 'favourites' and you've done a fantastic job at CASEing, Danielle! (twice - wink)

  5. Beautiful card, Tania. And it's been a pleasure getting to know you too! Thanks for your friendship. xx Amanda

  6. Hey Tan, Love that cute owlie!

    Thinking of you


  7. I'm doing some serious blog catching up!

    Love your DD CASE. You did a terrific job.



Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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