Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 Roses From Tilda

I'm trying hard to distract myself tonight - I'm really struggling with sadness and grief for the unfortunate people who are suffering right now in our Country - with fires on the West side and major floods on the East...there is lots of sorrow at the moment. So Tilda arrived tonight just to share a little love!

As I am not fortunate enough to have any fancy Copics etc...I have used my trusty old Aqua Painter and ink off ink pad lids (as well as straight markers for the roses, stem and her shoes).

I have used some Crystal Effects on all the leaves in her bouquet and also on her shoes and eyes.

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  1. It's just devastating to see, isn't it? My heart goes out to all those poor people. Belongings can be replaced but lives can't be.

    Your card is absolutely gorgeous Tania! How did you colour it?

  2. This is so ... cute, Tania and beautifully coloured!!

  3. A gorgeous card to share and cheer everyone! My heart goes out to all in Queensland with the tragic flooding that is happening right now! Stay safe, friends xoxoxox

  4. Oh this is adorable. Your colouring is just lovely.

    I'm hearing you, it's such a tragedy to have fires and floods going on around us. Imagine how wonderful it's going to be when we all pitch in and help to re-build. I love how Aussies pull together during tough times!


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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