Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Craft Area

OMG look what happened!!! Someone broke into my house and turned my ultra-tidy craft area into a shambles!!!!!!! Or...maybe it was me.....I dont know....hmmm............. at least I now exactly where everything is!!!!!
Soon I will have my very own room - where I can shut the door on it all!!! LOL - no, I'll have a cupboard where I can shut just that door!!!

The next pic is a cupboard that I had made for my daughter Charlotte's playfood - but seeing as she got a new fancy play-kitchen, I stole the cupboard to use for my "few" stamps I have....seeing it like this makes me go WOW!


  1. Those stamp sets look so organised! SU are introducing rubber stamps to use on acrylic blocks - flatter and more room to store them all! Great news! The 1st photo is not as bad as my room after today - trust me!

  2. Love that cupboard! You still have room to fill though... We're moving soon and I'll actually have a craft space (for about 9 months) - woohoo! Looking forward to posting pics of my own!!

  3. Awww,I wouldn't mind the clutter, just let me into your little stamping heaven !!!
    So many beautiful things!

  4. I too have issues with craft space - I can't seem to keep mine tidy or well organised! I saw someone who had stored there stamp sets on their sides on the shelf (rather than on top of one another like mine and yours) and found it easier to get a set out rather than the ones on the top making it awkward to get the ones on the bottom. Just wondering if you shelves are deep/narrow enough to allow you to store them this way and if that would make accessing them easier! Just a thought - but love the specific cupboard to store all your stamp sets!


  5. Oh dear Tania....this happens to my craft room too.....I wonder if it's the same person that breaks in???? Or perhaps it's me too???


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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