Thursday, September 23, 2010

1st Big Boo-Boo's

Charlotte had not one, but two milestones this week!

#1. Her first "proper" grazed knee! She came inside to tell me, as proud as punch! (I could tell it was "real" cos she wasn't carrying on like a pork-chop!) she was genuinely proud of it! haha - she posed for a pic before we cleaned it up and popped a Dora bandaid on it!

2 days later....... she comes again! OUCH!!!!!!
#2....a dent in the forehead! Complete with bonus gravel in it too!!!

(Mummy has learnt she doesn't handle this sort of thing very I cleaned it up with some Dettol, my stomach was churning and I went all dizzy and faint!!! Poor thing - she was so brave though that she agreed to pose for a pic before we cleaned it up!) But everything feels better when we play a game on the 'puter!!!

Ah the joys of being a mum!
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  1. Oh my goodness, the change between those two pics is precious.

    I found out the hard way I don't cope with the blood and mess they bring in for cleaning up either. As they get older you get a little better at it and the woozies become less frequent lol.

  2. Oh dear Charlotte. Thank goodness for Dora Band-aids.


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