Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dad and his pressies!

Here's my card that I made for my dad and haha - just had to share with you the next pic - upside view of the bench seat - dad had the card upside and said "thanks - its a ship!" What the???
He could so see that it was a ship (the "seat" part of the bench) and the legs were the smoke-stacks and the back of the seat was the shadows on the water! Not sure what he thought the little birdy was! LOL - made me and my mum giggle! This is the wrapping paper of Charlotte's present she made at school for poppy....I loved the wrapping so much that I didn't even realise it was wrapping paper - I wanted to frame it but I wasn't allowed cos it was "POPPY'S WRAPPING PAPER!" I didn't get to take a pic of what was inside but it was the cutest laminated drawing of herself.

At School, she had to chance to purchase a gift at the school "Fathers Day Stall". Charlotte went to school with $4 and this is what SHE chose: a pen holder and some shortbread.

Here's my present for dad. He loves little "hampers" so I bought some "nibbley" types of food he enjoys while watching tele. (SBS!)

And here he is.........he came to visit after having lunch out......and promptly fell asleep in the chair (after he channel-surfed through all the SBS channels)! Charlotte is about to wake him up with a start with that head-tingl-thingy (forget its name). I so wish I clicked the camera when he did wake up which was seconds after this shot - HILARIOUS! He's such a dag with his wild wooley hair but you gotta love him!

Happy Fathers Day everyone (not that I expect there will be many "dads" reading my blog!)
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  1. A ship indeed!!! How many had he consumed? The card, the right way up, is gorgeous, Tania.

  2. LOL How funny! Love the wrapping paper and hampers are awesome. I will have one full of chocolate please! ;)

  3. I so cannot see a ship - must be a male thing lol. Love Charlotte's wrapping paper! Hampers are great ideas - full of choccie goodness of course. Don't know what they call those head thingies either but they feel divine!!!

  4. Gorgeous post Tania! I had to squint really hard to see the 'ship' and the card, the pressies and paper are all very cute. Sounds and looks like your dad was treated like a king. Smiles Sam Denman


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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