Thursday, January 21, 2010

Me and Why I Do What I Do

First & foremost, I am the mother of a beautiful little princess, Charlotte, who is now 4 yrs old and about to start her 1st year of school (Kindy!) We are VERY excited!
But secondly, I am a passionate stamper & creator of anything from paper! I fell in love with Stampin' Up 3yrs ago when I was invited to a workshop, but at that stage of my life, all I could do was drool over my Catalogue! BUT, now its a different story (as she looks over at her piles and piles of stamp boxes and papers!)

I became a Stampin' Up Demonstator in 2008 and just love being able to share and inspire with my family and friends (my main little follower is my own mum! Thanks mum!).
My all-time fav technique would have to be Embossing! You will probably find it hard to spot a card of mine without Embossing on it! I find it helps make things "pop" - and is perfect for words and quotes etc.
When I'm feeling down or sad, I often go sit and go through all my 12x12s. They make me feel happy and I find it difficult to cut them for the 1st time, but when they're cut, they get used up quick!
I love all that I do and love inspiring and being inspired by so many wonderfully talented stampers out there and no doubt, you're one of them!!!
So, feel free to wander about my blog and of course, please tell me what YOU think!

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  1. Well, I think you're very inspiring and a very gifted crafter. And I think you're brave and strong too. And of course you're gorgeous!



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