Wednesday, September 18, 2013

OMG It's Been 9 Months Since Last Blog Update!

OMG has it seriously been 9 months since I've even logged into my own blog!!!! That's a bit embarrassing really!  I suddenly remembered tonight that I even had a blog, so thought I really should stop by and catch you all up a bit.

I haven't been crafting much at all in the last 9 months, BUT I was busy at the end of last year making some items and selling me at a local market, which proved to be really successful and I had a great time doing it (great confidence booster which doesn't go astray!).

Well, the time has come to start doing it all again!  I've come up with a few new items to put on my table and I'm really looking forward to seeing if they'll even be a little bit popular.  I PROMISE I'll be back with pictures to share what I have made and what I will be making in the near future!  Please don't give up on me!

On a personal note, life has totally changed again in the last 7-8 months.  I have moved back into my own house (after renting it for 18 months to 2 lots of 'strangers' (!) and really enjoyed some small renovations, and by small I mean small!  I'm the worlds most indecisive person, (have been known to spend far too long trying to decide what dishwashing soap to buy, or what box of bandaids is best!) so it's actually been very difficult for me, choosing colours etc.  But my little home is looking great again!  It has the "Tania-touch" all over it and I'm love love loving it!  Just got one more room to paint and it's done for now though I have so many ideas for the future, for not only my home but a few other adventures I have up my sleeve...I just hope I can make them work!

Thanks for sticking with me....stay tuned, I will try really hard to keep updated a bit more often!   


  1. I haven't given up on you Tania. It is wonderful to read that you have been busy making your home your own again. I know you can do whatever you put your mind too. I look forward to seeing some of your crafty handy work. Give Miss C a big hug ♥

  2. Hey lovely girl, so nice to see you pop up on my feed and read a little of life in your world. It sounds like you've been enjoying making your place a "Home". I look forward to seeing the results of your playtime..:0) xxx

  3. Hello again Tania! Have thought of popping in to Launceston a time or two when I have gone up that way but time didn't allow...maybe next time. Looking forward to see what you have been creating. Big hugs to you and Miss Charlotte. Xxx

  4. Hi Sweet! So glad your back blogging and I look forward to seeing what you create! Lovely that your doing little renovations to your home too - good on ya!:)

    Luv K


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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