Thursday, October 28, 2010

Best Blog Friends Forever Award

After a busy little day today, I came home to find:
- a CREDIT invoice from Telstra (not something you see everyday!)
- a letter from the Department Of Education with my Safety Screening Assessment (been waiting for it to arrive)
- the new Summer Mini Catalogue and Impressions! All good news! No bills!

THEN...I jump on the comp for a while to find that Claire Dauncey has awarded me with this special award! Go have a look through her awesome blog, Coffee At Claires,

Loving today!!!

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I would like to pass this Award onto the following 8 lovely ladies:
Patrice Easton
- Mae Collins
Rochelle Wright
- Gardenia Pepworth
Bronwyn Eastley

- Amanda Aitken
Jodene Tripp
- Christine Blain
Make sure you pop over and check out their blogs. ALL are nothing short of amazing and inspirational! You can find their links on the left-hand side of my blog! (I had some computer gremlin stopping me from linking their names tonight. Sorry).

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  1. Oh! Tania ... that's sweet! Thank you my BBFF!

  2. Awwww thanks girl! I have never had a BBFF award before :)
    But I am a little jealous you got your impressions and mini already ... I am still waiting here in WA :( I guess they don't call it 'wait awhile' for nothing! lol

  3. How gorgeous are you! Thank you! Sounds like it was a lovely little mail box to come home to today!

  4. It was indeed a Happy Mail day for you today, love! THANK YOU for awarding me this prestigious BBFF award - love it!!


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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