Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlotte having the time of her life!

The other day I gave Charlotte some old stamps and some little ink pads....she thought Christmas had come!
Hmm...what to stamp first!

A Frog!

Inking it up....

Stamping it...

Hoping it worked....

Yep it did!!!!
(Not that you can see it here cos she chose a very pale colour!)


  1. Too cute!!! Love those dimples :)

  2. A future Demo for sure!! Love the freckles!

  3. Another 14 years before you can sign her up!!

  4. Little Miss Cutie is having the time of her life by the look of those pics. How special.

    Been thinking of you today, hope you're feeling well and taking it easy!

  5. A little Tania in the making, you should get her onto those rolled roses that will save you time. :)
    My favourite picture is the first one LOVE HER FACE. :)

  6. Look at those freckles - I could eat her up! lol. She's such a gem Tania, you must be so proud. A future demo for sure. lol.


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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