Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Present For Charlotte

Hello! It's a dark, windy, rainy night here & I've been sitting here in my comfy armchair editing pics and watching Oprah's "Sound Of Music" special! All that is missing is some chocolate! I wanted to share with you something special I've recently made.
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Inside this little number is a very special gift for my almost 5yr old daughter! (oh & can someone please tell me where my baby has gone?)
It's such a tiny little gift that I wanted to make the packaging a little extra special. I had bought these plain noodle boxes about 2yrs ago and haven't used 1 (until now!).
I covered it in the most delicious paper that I purchased from my local - it has a pearl-look to it - rather decadent I think!
What do you think the little present is? Who can guess right!?
(The present is approx. 3cm high)

Thanks for coming to look! Can't wait to see if anyone guesses right!
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  1. Absolutely adorable. Love how you've dressed up a simple noodle box.

    Best I don't guess though because I know exactly what it is :o)

  2. Yes, ditto, Patrice!! She'll love it and the box is more adorable than you described. Have fun crafting now your course is over for the year!!

  3. A bracelet? Lovely box, Tania. Lucky you living near Regal!

  4. How gorgeous is this wee carton? What a great idea to cover them this way. Your daughter will love it. Can't wait to see what her gift is :-)

  5. Gorgeous Noodle box Tania ..she will love it!

  6. Gorgeous box Tania! Is it earrings?

    I have a little something for you over at my blog http://sandrasstampingspot.blogspot.com/
    Hope you like it!

  7. The box turned out absolutely gorgeous Tania and I too won't guess as I know exactly what it is since I saw it when I popped in to visit you and spent a couple of hours chatting and loving your beautiful home!


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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