Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Peak At What I've Been Doing...

Thought I'd take a few photo's to show what I've been upto over the last few months.

Here on my parents farm, we have bought a Fodder Solutions System ...which grows barley seed into grass in just 6 days!  
It's hard to see, but this Unit is 6 trays long/deep.... goes in as seed, comes out as grass!

It is heated to an average temperate of 22 degrees and waters each layer every 2 hours for upto 60 seconds.  Our sheep, chooks and 1 rabbit LOVE it!

This is the finished end - the other end is where I put the new seeds into clean empty trays.
After 6 days it looks something like this!

I load up our "moggy" so I can deliver it all over the farm.  I had stopped here to give some to our chooks...they love it!

Nom nom nom nom nom!!!

 Not overly exciting, but I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my life on the farm!
x Tania


  1. That's not boring at all. In fact, for a city girl like myself...this was fascinating!

  2. Actually Tania - I think that is pretty cool! I find it amazing that this is grown in just six days! It will certainly help in times of drought!

  3. How cool! I've never even heard of one of these things - such a city girl - that brand new grass looks so fresh and clean, no wonder the animals love it!


  4. Hey Tania, I was soooo sure I'd commented on this post of yours. I must have forgotten to put in the captcha code or something...sorry! I just said how much I enjoyed this post, and loved your beautiful, bright pictures.

    I came back today because I wanted to let you know that I recently saw one of these fodder cupboards (I think it was at the Canberra Show) and I thought of you and your fabulous green grass.


  5. What a great way to produce fast stock feed. It would be especially handy in drought affected areas.


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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