Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just Add Pearls 121 JAI

Oh my!  It's been 6 months since I've last posted on my blog! That is just plain terrible!
I've been having a little break from creating - just felt I wasn't enjoying it anymore which I felt very sad about. I also have been super busy working at a seasonal job - which has been fun in a way but lots of long hours.  That has pretty much finished now - and I've found I suddenly have some spare time on my hands - bonus!

For 6 months I have successfully avoided my craft table...until today!  I finally had a few minutes where I found myself doing a bit of blog hopping etc on the computer and remembered that I have terribly neglected Just Add Ink since I finished up on the Design Team last year - so I visited and saw that this week's challenge is Just Add Pearls - and if anyone knows me well, they'll know that I LOVE pearls and wear my pearl earrings most days!
So... I took it all as a sign - it's time...time to dust off the craft table and let some creative juices start to flow!

I had a person in mind when I made this card - and I know she's gonna love it when I get to deliver it to her in person very soon!

Enough it is!

I realised once I had finished this card that there is no stamping on it at all!  I used a bit of ink around the edges of each piece and the sentiment is a Rub-On I found tucked away in the forgotten Rub-On folder!

Thanks for coming to look - and hopefully it won't be another 6 months before I create again!


  1. I think it is a beautiful card Tania, and I love the crochet flower with pearl centre. It looks fabulous!

    It is lovely to find you back blogging too. I want to see more of your luscious green grass and your cute sheep (goofy, I know, but I like looking at pretty country pictures :-).

  2. Tania I am glad you dusted off your craft table and found inspiration again from Just Add Ink...we miss you! This is a lovely card and it reminds me that I too have some rubons that could do with seeing the front or inside of a card! I am about to have a free evening home but me and the doggie so maybe my craft room might have my presence for the evening! I am sure your friend will just love this beautiful handmade card. ♥

  3. Wow! Tania, I did a double take in my blog reader! It's so great to have you creating again and what a beautiful card to launch you back onto that craft table of yours.

  4. Hey Tania,
    whoever your friend is they're lucky cause you can't miss the happy in this card :) Love that pearl buckle and the gorgeous crocheted flowers :) Yeh for stamping time!
    Kim x

  5. I too did a double take. Wow. This is fabulous. So glad you're back and I hope it's not nearly as long until we see your next gorgeous creation.

    Love your Kim said, sooooo happy. Love the gingham, pearls, crochet's terrific.

    Don't forget date night! That should raise a few eyebrows hee hee.

  6. Tania so good to see your beautiful creations back in the blogging world!!

    This is a very sweet card, I particularly like the little butterflies :)

  7. So lovely to see you back Miss G! Love the card and it would be nice if you crossed the Tasman to hand deliver it to me, lol!! Keep it up Tania. I have missed your awesome creations ♥

  8. Hey stranger...lovely to see you back and not only creating, but doing it with style!
    Love your gingham background and that flower is of yours?

  9. Yay - you're back!! Have missed you, chickie! This is a super-cute card for a special friend. I just love how you've incorporated pearls on it, Tania. It's so good to have you play along with the JAI challenge, and to see you blogging again!! xx

  10. Hey Tania, glad to see you back crafting again. And what a lovely card. I love the crochet flower and the pearl centres look great. So glad you could join us this week. We miss you too!

  11. Hey Tania - how are you?? Great to see you back. Sounds like you have been quite busy. What a great Challenge to dust your craft table off for too. I love your pearly bow and great colours. Yay - hope to see you crafting and blogging again soon. Chantell

  12. I'm so glad your back at your craft table Tania :)
    Everyone has missed you.
    It's a beautiful card. Love that flower!


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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