Thursday, July 15, 2010

Filling The Vegetable Garden

Date: Wednesday, 14th June, 2010
Mission: Fill New Vegetable Garden
Materials: 1 x Shovel, 2 x Wheel Barrows and 2 Cubic Metres of Dirt (aka a sh*t load of dirt)
Workers: Tania and Dad (Peter)
Conditions: Fine with 10minutes of rain, muddy, sloshy and muddy (thanks to the last week of rain)

It all started with a pile of dirt.

Starting to fill - by this stage (which was only about 3 minutes into it) I was really doubting whether it was humanly possible to wheel THAT much dirt!

Dad was trying to convince me the pile WAS going down. Hmm....

Slippery, sloppy, sloshy and ICK!! Maybe I should mention here that we had to wheel the barrows of dirt up a sloping concrete area - uphill on the way full, downhill on the way back empty - typical!

Will my backyard ever be the same again?

It's almost getting dark and I THINK I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... I think

It was too dark last night when we did actually finish, but never fear, I was out there this morning taking "PROOF" pictures - to PROVE we did do it!!!!

TA DA!!!!!!
It's finished - with bonus Shetland Poo on top (thanks dad for doing that bit - stinkeeeeee!)

Foreman (forewoman) Molly.

Now this isn't a new home being built and its not major renovation either, but I have ALWAYS wanted a built-up vegetable garden and chickens in the backyard, so I'm sooooo super excited to see it finally happening! So can't wait to see healthy vegies growing and happy chickens - will definitly take pics as it starts to change again! Hope you enjoyed seeing my Wednesday!

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  1. Wonderful Tania,
    WOW OH WOW!! I'd sooo love one of these! THe vegie garden is super fantastic!!!
    I really look forward to seeing it in all it's glory, providing you with lots of yummy treats!!
    Hope you are really well,
    SMiles SHarnee :)

  2. Looking good luvie....well done...xx


Really love reading your comments - thanks for taking the time! Tania

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