Saturday, July 10, 2010

Welcome Frankie!

Meet my beautiful friend Sarah (on the left - the blondie!)...this is us in Melbourne last October. Sarah arranged for me, my friend Kobi and herself to have a girls w'end in Melbourne for my 31st Birthday. Sarah was so so SO damn generous and I will never EVER forget those 3 days! She is such a blessing in so many ways and I'm so proud to be her friend.
I'm so super-excited (and clucky!)....because she
gave birth to a gorgeous little girl last night (Friday) after a delightful 26hr labour AND we got to go meet the precious little poppet today! Welcome little Frankie AnnaLyn - weighing in at 8lbs 10oz! Here is my 4.5yr old daughter, Charlotte, having a little hold. (& I have no idea why her little cheeks look like she's had steel implants in them!) Oh how wonderful newborn babies are - and what an amazing miracle they are too! I was waiting til I knew the sex before I made Sarah and hubbie Sam a I was up out of bed early this morning and straight into it! I saw this card a while back and was inspired - so here it is.... PS...did I mention I'm really clucky? ;)
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  1. Tania, Your card is adorable. There is something about babies that makes you go tiny and sweet.

  2. Stunning card. The colours are beautiful.

  3. Love your card! Charlotte is a total cutie. Congrats to Sarah & Sam!

  4. It's such good news after her Marathon event! I guessed a boy, so glad I was wrong as girl cards are more fun to make! Your card is super cute!


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