Monday, October 4, 2010

My Birthday

Last Friday was my Birthday - I turned 21. (again)!!!! I woke up to two presents, one from my lovely friend Naomi, who sent a package Express which I got the night before. In it was the chocs and an itunes voucher for my new iphone. Here's Charlotte not long after we'd woken up - she was just way too excited to give me her present and her card! Charlotte went shopping with Nanny during the week and she chose some scissors for the kitchen, cos she know how frustrated I was everytime I went to get my scissors and they weren't there!
After an Optomertrist appointment first thing in the morning, we shopped and I spoilt myself buying Wii Fit Plus - been wanting it for ages so now I have it! yay!

Charlotte and I enjoyed a lunch together - I had my favourite, Lasagna and salad - yummo!!!! Oh, mustn't forget the Pepsi-Max as well! I then had to go to a funeral so a wonderful friend offered to look after Charlotte for me. When I went back to pick her up, look what Rochelle had made for me!!!!!!! (a true Australian woman, I reckon!) Thank you Rochelle, you really made my day! My mum has given me a very cool lamp for my craft desk, but I'm undecided whether I will change for a different type of light, you will get to see what I end up with when I eventually take pics of my craft room - depending on what desk/bench I get!
My aunt Margaret brought these beautiful silk cushion covers back from Vietnam - I love them! I have 5 all up!!!!
And today, I received a couple of really beautiful hand-made cards from my wonderful friends from
Just Add Ink. I will take some individual pics of them in the next few days.

I really feel special and loved and thank you to all those all made my day feel that little bit extra special!
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