Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Hobart Weekend

Charlotte and I headed off down to Hobart this w'end (2hrs approx). We got halfway there when we saw these awesome "hedges/bushes" that have been shaped into animals. As a child, it was the highlight of any trip to Hobart. Charlotte was on the lookout for the rest of the trip but unfortunately they're more or less in one area. We stayed with my friend, Kobi and her husband Mariusz and their "boy" Tomasz. Kobi is over 8months pregnant so it was a real treat to be able to spend some quality time with her before her life gets even more busier. Here's the children in the bath on the 1st night. (Charlotte was over-the-moon to be able to have bubbles - we have terrible water pressure in our bath so she never gets bubbles anymore.Then on the way home, I pulled over the side of the road to use my mobile and Charlotte suddenly screamed out at me from the backseat, "Look mum, deers!!!"...and there were about a dozen of them. Wild ones. It was only a matter of a few hundred metres from a Highway. Its not a sight we get to see everyday here in Tasmania. I threw down my mobile, grabbed my camera, swapped my lenses and zoomed in and got a few pics before they ran off. I think a crazy woman with a big lense hanging out of the car and a screaming-with-excitement 4yr old was all too much for them! But I was so happy to have spotted them for a few minutes anyway. And look at that white one!!!So, we drove to Hobart to spend time with my bestest friend and didn't even take a pic of her!!! (Not that I would've been allowed anyway). She looks so damn amazing pregnant but I know she's looking forward to their new son's birth in the next few weeks.

I'll never forget this weekend.
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