Sunday, August 1, 2010

Annabelle and Kitty's Birthday Cards

Last night, my daughter Charlotte was invited to a very special birthday party for two little friends, Annabelle and Kitty. It was a "Princess Dinner Party" and Charlotte (and the other little girls by the looks of it) had a wonderfully special time!

Here she is all dress & ready to go! She's holding a jug that her old-poppy had just given her and it's very precious to her - so cute).

...and here she is with her "make-up" on....she looks so grown-up in this pic *sigh*.

The 1st card here was for Anna, who was turning 7...

...and this card was for Kitty, who was turning 5. I really enjoyed making these two cards - pretty cards are often more "fun"!

Thank you to Amanda Aitken for creating special memories for these beautiful little girls! I know that Charlotte will remember that night forever!
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  1. I'm glad the party went well! Cutie pie cards, Tania!!!

  2. Gorgeous cards Tanya, so pretty and girly. Wish I had the opportunity to make lots of girly cards - love pink and bling....

  3. Absolutely beautifully sweet cards!

  4. Thanks lovely Tania! The girls had a fabulous night and are sharing the beautiful gifts you chose for them. I love the cards and so do they, Love Amanda xx

  5. OMG, what a little cutie! Look how tight she's got hold of that jug - she's not giving that up anytime soon, lol!


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